FB Laser


We offer our powerful fiber coupled multimode laser at 1060, 1120 and 1270 nm for pumping of industrial  Fiber and Solid-State lasers

We offer a range of laser diodes of 1300 and 1550 nm used for telecommunication and data transmission. We also offer an eye safe range of lasers from 1470 to 1550 nm.

We offer our 1550 nm laser diodes used to assess and forecast cloud cover in airport areas. We also offer lasers for interferometers, profilometers and other similar measuring devices.

We offer a wide variety of the laser wavelengths like 1060, 1260 and 1470 nm  used for medical and cosmetological treatments of freckles, wrinkles, hair removal, phlebology, skin, etc. 

Our fiber coupled 1550nm laser diodes are used for pyrometric purposes in scientific and metal production.

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